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a Swedish village at the Polish shore

you can rest here

there is a lot of space not only on the beach..

Debina is a small and picturesque village located at the Baltic Sea, 3,5 km away from the bigger town of Rowy.  In the vicinity you will find the Slowinski National Park - and in there moving dunes, and a beautiful and vast Gardno lake  which can be the alternative for the coast. It’s an ideal place for windsurfing and kitesurfing, sailing and fishing.

The lake is safe, with the depth of 2.6 metres in its deepest place.

Among different touristic sites you can visit the heritage park in Kluki and discover the ways of life of former inhabitants of the local countryside. For those who love beautiful landscapes, we invite you to the tower of Rowokol from where you can enjoy the view of lakes Gardno, Lebsko, surrounding villages and of course the Baltic sea. It’s a wonderful place to admire some unforgettable sunsets !

Take bikes and don’t miss the opportunity to visit the ports of Ustka and Leba, strolling down the cycle paths through woods and meadows.

Once going back to Rowy, come to taste fresh fish in one of the restaurants there, and if feeling in the mood for picking mushrooms, berries or observing wildlife (especially unique birds) - we invite you to explore surrounding forests and the coastal area. 

Our surroundings

cliffs, woods and meadows

Our houses are set up in three rows (3-3-4)

Our terrain is neighbouring a forest and meadows

On the fenced area you will find a playground with swings, trampoline and other attractions for children of different age.

.. and parents can watch their children playing relaxing on deckchairs

The beach is about 400 metres from our area, with a beautiful view from one of the highest cliffs in the area, often used by paragliders. The first entrance to the beach is just 100 metres away, and a next with more comfortable stairs to descend another 300 metres away.

The road to the beach is itself an attraction, taking you through a beautiful 200 years old beech forest.

The waterfront is large, sandy and even during the high season is not crowded – you will surely find your spot.

...and if needed, in Rowy there is a nudist beach.

Our houses

so clean!

We take pride in delivering you a clean, modern and uncomplicated space for your stay.

There is place for six people to live in the house, with the sleeping area in the attic. We have fitted this space with comfortable matresses (two 90 cm x 200 cm and one 140 cm x 200 cm) and downstairs you will find a comfortable, foldable large sofa.

The interior is decorated in a simple, but not simplistic way using light colours and wood. We have used only certified materials, natural waxes and eco paints for finishing.

We have fitted our houses with quality equipment, safe and easy in use. Kitchen is fully equipped with an induction kitchen stove and everything that is needed to cook and dine for six people.

We have chosen energy-efficient led lighting with a warm glow to light the rooms and the house.

We want you to feel like home …

Away from crowds and noise


+48 691 053 488

Klifowa 14 street76-211 Dębina 

BIC: BPKOPLPW  PL94 1020 1068 0000 1402 0353 3932

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If you want to check the availability and make your bookings, please send us your message using the form below

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