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  1. Upon paying the advance payment the Lessee is confirming that he has acknowledged the following Terms of Use, accepted all of its terms and is obliged to follow these terms and behave in a manner not endangering safety of others.

  2. Booking should be confirmed after paying advance payment, which should be calculated as 30 percent of the total stay.  In case of cancelling your booking in less than 30 days prior to your stay your advance payment is not refunded. In case of not receiving advance payment in due time booking is cancelled.

  3. Checking-in should be arranged on the day of arrival, after paying the full amount for the stay (including climate fee and a deposit of 200 PLN)

  4. Hotel day begins at 15:00 and finishes at 10:00.

  5. It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the houses and on house terraces.

  6. People using grill are obliged to extinguish it and clean the grill area.

  7. Quiet hours are 22:00 till 8:00.

  8. The Lessee is bound to maintain the house clean. Please do not fry fish inside.

  9. Any defects occured when renting the house should be reported to the Owner of the facility immediately.

  10. It is possibile to come with a dog upon earlier agreement with the facility Owner. There is an additional cost of 15 Pln/day.

  11. It is strictly forbidden to use in houses any electric equipment that is not the equipment of the facility.

  12. House residents are solely responsible for their belongings and valuables.

  13. House residents are solely responsible for their cars parked on the facility, and any belongings inside.

  14. Non-residents of the houses are allowed to stay in the area until 22:00.

  15. Playground is provided for children aged 4-12 (under the surveillance of their parents).

  16. Owners of the facility are not to be held responsible for inconveniences independent of their administration, such as blackouts or water shortages.  

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